Tuesday, May 16, 2006

People Who Need People Are The Luckiest People In The World

I love, love, love this story from the NY Daily News about Babs Streisand wheedling her way into free movie tickets from a "Simpsons"-style pimply teenage movie theater worker. However, I wish the source was not an Ann Coulter wannabe who helpfully provided a glamour shot of herself to run with the story:
Mega-diva Barbra Streisand and television actor James Brolin might be millionaires many times over, but don't expect them to pay $20 for a pair of movie tickets.

Arriving at the Mann Agoura Hills 8 near their Malibu estate on Friday night — apparently to see "Mission: Impossible III" — the 64-year-old singer-actress and her 65-year-old hubby wheedled their way into free seats by schmoozing the teenager in charge.

"We asked especially for you," Streisand cooed to the young man at the customer service desk, as Brolin smiled a winsome supporting-actor smile. "We haven't seen you in a while," La Streisand went on.

The flattered young man said he'd been transferred briefly to a different Mann multiplex, and added: "You're always welcome here. We'll take care of you."

Then he waved the happy couple past the ticket-takers.

Unluckily for Babs and Jim, the transaction was witnessed by paying customer Jennifer Grossman, a fellow Malibu resident and self-described "subversive right-winger" who doesn't much care for Streisand's Democratic politics.

"I just couldn't believe it," Grossman told me yesterday. "It's one thing to be comped their tickets, but it's quite another to ask to be comped, in order to save a lousy $20 bucks. But she's notorious for being this way. I wonder if she goes to Ralph's in Malibu and asks if she can have her groceries for free."

Yesterday, Streisand's PR rep said it's customary for "major stars" to get into movies for free. "It's a professional courtesy that many theaters extend to film stars." But Mann's doesn't have a policy of comping celebs.

Like I said, great item, but tainted by a Democrat-bashing source. Here's the "suversive right-winger"'s headshot:

It all just smacks of I Bet I Can Parlay My Streisand Story Into a Regular Talking Head Gig On The O'Reilly Report Sydrome. Bleh! Phooey! You have corrupted the purity of my gossip with your craven political aspirations, Ms. Grossman! Harrumph!

But damn, I still love the idea of Madame Streisand cajoling $20 movie tickets from Puberty Boy. Can you really blame her? Sometimes the little people need to be reminded of their place in the pecking order, after all...

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