Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Shooting Star

It's a very slow non-news day, people. Sorry. But I do have a small bone to pick with the NY Post's Page Six column, which wrote today that:
STAR Jones seems to be trolling for freebies again.

The large-and-in-charge co-host of "The View" - looking to tighten up after getting a breast lift (with implants) and losing 150 pounds (with gastric bypass surgery) - asked her manager to set up free private lessons at S Factor gym, where owner Sheila Kelley teaches her charges to use a stripper pole.

Kelley offered only the first lesson for free, and Jones decided to stick with Equinox. Despite e-mails that show otherwise, a spokesman for Star said it was Kelley who approached her.

OK, I am the first to admit that Star Jones is a grasping, freebie-obsessed, staggeringly unlikable person--but "large-and-in-charge"? Sweet baby Jesus, the woman lost 150 pounds and looks like a bizarre, teetering bobble-head doll, with a hideous, unnatural-looking stick figure body and a ginormous death-mask face--like a black Joan Rivers or something equally horrifying. Star Jones is a grotesque, yes, but she's not large!

I feel like the media either a) hates her so much that they refuse to acknowledge her down-sizing, or b) really thinks that a woman who weighs 130-40 pounds is still an enormous fat cow. Now, if it's the first one, I can sort of understand it, because Star is just so despicable. But if the second case is true, then that is truly frightening. How far will our culture go to demonize fat? Pretty godddamn far, I guess. If I was Star Jones I would be beyond pissed that I lost 150 pounds and was still described as "large-and-in-charge." If you're considered a p-i-g no matter how much you weigh, why not just stay super-sized and eat, drink, and be pushy?

The non-voluptuous horror of Star Jones.

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