Monday, April 10, 2006

Out With The Bad, In With The Good Times

Now that we've all taken a deep, cleansing yoga breath and expelled the name "Moses Martin" from the dark section of our souls where Gwyneth "Flapjacks" Paltrow's baby names are stored, it's time for some festive gossip we can all enjoy: Sienna Miller apparently shocked--shocked!--her fellow post-Oscar Vanity Fair party-goers with her drunken, slutty antics. Huzzah!

From WENN:
British actress Sienna Miller horrified Hollywood after she was photographed behaving in a "loud, childish" fashion at Vanity Fair's post-Oscar bash last month.

The images, which will be published in the magazine's May issue, show Miller cavorting drunkenly with bit-part actress Tara Summers, having her foot nibbled by her pal and hitching up her dress while waving her bare legs in the air.

Far from being impressed by her antics, the guests, mainly studio executives and producers, collectively cringed at Miller's embarrassing faux-pas - planting a qustion mark over her fledgling Hollywood career.

A leading Hollywood producer tells British newspaper the Mail on Sunday, "It's one thing to be gossiped about, but it's quite another to have pictures of yourself in that kind of clinch plastered all over a magazine. Hollywood is notoriously straight-laced when it comes to the behavior of a young star. This is an industry town. Actresses who expect to be taken seriously simply don't get drunk and behave like this in public."

An eyewitness branded her "loud and childish", adding, "Everyone was talking about how Sienna was totally over-the-top. These pictures have seriously damaged her reputation."

However, Miller's spokeswoman denies any raucous behavior, insisting, "They have just wrapped a film together and they were just sitting next to each other at a party. Nothing more than that.

"We've had no complaints."

Well I for one cann't wait to see these pictures. And give me a break: If Sienna Miller's movies make money, no one in Hollywood will care if she hikes up her skirt, pees on the rug, barfs on Tom Hanks' lap, and passes out in her own feces.

Wheeeeeee! I'm drunk!

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