Monday, April 03, 2006

Crazy With a Z

Sometimes the stars align and luck and fate are on your side and beautiful, wondrous things happen. And so it was this weekend, when Boyfriend of Felt Up Chepo P. and I were blessed with free Showtime for three days...and if that were not awesome enough, during this three-day period Showtime decided to air the fantabulous television concert "Liza With A Z," the legendary Bob Fosse-choreographed-and-produced bravura performance that hasn't been seen since its 1972 airing. It was like I'd died and gone to showbiz heaven!

Liza sings everything from Al Jolson's "Mammy" to Billie Holliday's "God Bless The Child" to a medley of hotcha numbers from "Cabaret." The Bob Fosse choreography is to die for, of course: Jazz hands, finger snappin', top hats and white gloves, more jazz hands--it's everything you could ever want from the Gay White Way.

And Liza. Oh, Liza. She was really young and snazzy, with four costume changes: An all-white Halston-y pantsuit, then the famous red sparkly halter mini-dress, then some kind of velvet breeches, and finally the "Cabaret" garters-n-tap-shorts-with-sparkly-jacket ensemble. Huzzah! She was singin' and dancin' her little heart out. She comes off a tiny bit kooky, naturellement, but in a good, non-drunken-beating-up-David-Gest way.

God Bless The Child! God Bless Liza! God Bless Free Showtime!

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Anonymous said...

The DVD comes out Tuesday!

Terri R.