Thursday, March 02, 2006

There's Always Time For Boobs

Well, I'm not dead, as some of you loyal readers may have been wondering (you both know who you are! mwah! mwah!), but my computer is. Or, rather, it lies in the land of the undead, as it miraculously came to life the same day the box arrived from Apple in which I was to send my wee laptop off for a life-saving operation. Now it lingers in Limbo, not quite dead, but on the brink, hovering, waiting, like me, for some sort of miracle--or quite possibly a disaster--to put it over the edge.

I also lost my cell phone and moved into to a new house, to join in blissful, holy unmarried cohabitation with Boyfriend of Felt Up Chepo P., who sent me this photo of Lindsay Lohan's wardrbode malfunction:

Which just goes to show that no matter how many traumas one endures, there's always time for a brief boob interlude. I don't know when I'll be back to regular posting, but rest asssured that any breast-related news will be conveyed in a timely manner.



jason gentry said...

Nice nipple placement.


Anonymous said...

Oh, Felt Up, how I've missed you!

Thanks for the mammaries!

Terri R.