Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Since You Been Gone, I Can Decorate For The First Time

Felt Up postings may be few and far between in the upcoming days, as my internets are having issues. Issues, I say! Stupid SBC, which obviously cares nothing for les belles lettres, cut off my phone and my DSL two weeks earlier than planned, thereby hindering my snarky gossiping abilities. I'm currently mooching off a neighbor's wireless, which feels so right in must be very, very wrong.

Anyhoo, Friend of Felt Up Lucinda S. sent in this link to the real estate listing of the butt fugly former home of singing sensation Kelly Clarkson. Huzzah!

Yes, the good news is that for a mere $358,000, you can buy a tiny piece of "American Idol" history! The bad news is you have to live in a truly hideous McMansion monstrosity in Mansfield, Texas. Well worth it, if you ask me. Mr. Richard M., perhaps you should consider this dwelling for the future site of our communal Spinster's Manse? It is in your neck o' the woods, after all.

On second thought, maybe we should wait until Clay Aiken's pied a terre goes on the market...


Greg said...

$358,000 for that piece of crap? Does it come with a home warranty guaranteeing you a hit record?

Txbrenna said...

My (extended) family is all from Mansfield. My grandparents live about a mile from this place, and I had know idea Kelly Clarkson lived there. I hope she realizes shes giving up a Super-Walmart, Chili's, and a new movie theater (Mansfield's first) for the big city life of Hollywood. Sell-out.