Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Madge/Mimi Grudge Match!

The NY Daily News is reporting that there's really, really no love lost between uber-divas Madonna and Mariah Carey:
There better be plenty of distance between the dressing rooms of Madonna and Mariah Carey at tomorrow's Grammys.

We told you three weeks ago that Madonna would perform at the awards. We didn't know then how much she'd rankle Miss Carey.

Mariah, who is nominated for eight Grammys, "really wanted to open the show with her choir-backed rendition of 'We Belong Together,'" an insider tells us.

Unfortunately, Madonna also wanted to kick off the broadcast — or else she wasn't coming, she's said to have told Grammy producers.

Even though Madonna's smash "Confessions on a Dancefloor" wasn't nominated for any Grammys, the producers gave in. They're said to be betting that her dance extravaganza, featuring the British group Gorillaz, will hook viewers early and hard.

"The producers noted that Madge is a five-time winner," reported a source.

But Carey, the comeback queen who has picked up only two Grammys to date, is reportedly vexed.

"The war between Madonna and Mariah has been going on for years," says a source. "Mariah was also steaming last summer when Madonna stole the show at Live 8."

Oh. My. God. I can't believe they picked the old lady over the crazy! I wonder who would win if they really got down and started (literally) bitch-slapping each other. On the one hand, Madonna is all ropey and muscle-y, not to mention extremely tense after starving herself for the past 25 or so years. But Mariah's got a good twenty pounds on Madge, plus she's been to the edge of sanity and back again, so you just never know....Let's have a poll, shall we? Haven't done one of those in a while!

Who would win a grudge match?
Madonna. She's the scariest woman this side of Lauren Bacall!
Mariah. She's a nutty nutball!
It would be a tie. Extreme fitness and crazy cancel each other out.
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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I chose Mariah for three reasons:

1. She's mad b/c she's been snubbed by the Grammys.

2. She's really insane and a crazy person has the strength of 10 regular people.

3. I think she has more like 40 lbs on Madge.

Terri R.