Monday, February 20, 2006

Look What They Did To My Boy. Look What They Did To Santino!

Sorry, I can't help but use the headline to make a "Godfather" reference whenever possible. I'm only flesh and blood, people! I'm not made of stone.

Anyhoo, Salon has provided a link to the very best video clips of love-to-hate-him Santino Rice of the current "Project Runway." If you can get it to work, enjoy!

Also, Santino's personal website has some funny pictures of Kelly Ripa modeling some kind of crazy tinfoil outfit that he had to make for her in 45 minutes on the "Regis And Kelly" show. (There is also a link to an auction for Andrae's orange shorts! And links to photos of Santino's runway collection for the finale of the show! And photos of Santino at Red Lobster! Aw, hell, just go there and look for your damn self.)

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Anonymous said...

I'm beginning to think Santino has voice immodulation. Like that Will Ferrell character on Saturday Night Live.