Thursday, February 09, 2006

The Adams Family

Lindsay Lohan, who, you might remember, fell down and cut herself in a freak "teacup accident" at "rocker" Bryan Adams' London home a while back, is now allegedly dating Ryan Adams, according to WENN:
Lindsay Lohan may have found a new man in the shape of rocker Ryan Adams. The actress/singer, who was recently romantically linked to her Chapter 27 co-star Jared Leto, has been quietly dating Adams for a month, according to American magazine In Touch. A pal tells the publication, "She's spending all her free time with him. She has been staying at his Greenwich Village (New York) apartment almost every night. She thinks musicians are sexy and she's a fan of his music."

I wonder if she meant to visit Ryan Adams all along, and staged the teacup thing to find a way out of her oh-my-God-I'm-at-BRYAN-ADAMS-house-by-mistake-maybe-I-can-make-my-crazy-mom-sleep-with-him predicament. The whole thing might have been a hilarious comedy of errors, a la Oscar Wilde!

Although looking at the pictures, I'm not exactly sure that Ryan--while being younger and somewhat hipper...

Image Hosted by any hotter than ole Bryan, although I'm not as freaked out by pocked skin as some people:

Image Hosted by

I mean, you know, if one were forced to choose. Shudder.

Maybe her crazy mom Dina will marry Bryan, and Lindsay can marry Ryan, and she can be Lindsay Lohan Adams Adams...


impychimp said...

I will use the comfy cloak of anonymity to proclaim how much I love the song "Run to You".

chepo said...

I fucking hate Ryan Adams. A lot. But this news item gives dorks everywhere hope to bang Lindsey Lohan. Except Me. I already date the hottest piece in the world.

John said...

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