Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Oh. My. Zod!

Just when you thought things couldn't get any more riveting on "Project Runway," the WOW Report comes out with this delightful lil' nugget of information:
Santino Rice, that unlikely breakout star from Bravo's keepin' it real fashion series, Project Runway, is a not unfamiliar face to some of the staffers here at World of Wonder.

Santino was once the boyfriend of Rick Castro, who directed the WOW documentary Plushies & Furries that aired on MTV and traveled the festival circuit back in 2003.

Quite a lot of people can only get off dressing as bunnies and bears, as you'll see from this clip. We're not saying Rick and Santino did, but they were very huggy and dated during filming of Plushies.

Santino even has his name in the credit crawl. Rick, who now has an erotic male art gallery on Las Palmas Avenue in Hollywood called Antebellum, was heartbroken when the two split.

Even though they are careful to say that Santino was not necessarily a plushie, I'm going to go ahead and believe in my heart of hearts that he is.

Boy, that evil-but-talented General Zod lookalike always has a trick up his billowing, shiny, ruched sleeve, I'll tell you what! Just when one is ready to write him off as a pompous, mean-spirited jackhole, the thought of him and his male-erotic-art-gallery-owner boyfriend doing it in squirrel costumes is enough to make one pronounce him the winner of this season's contest right now. What more qualification does a fashion designer need?

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