Monday, January 23, 2006

Frost Melts!

Oooh, goodie! Some delightful gossip from across the pond! According to the Sunday Mirror:
JUDE Law and Sienna Miller have finally split for good - because the Hollywood star is moving back in with his ex-wife Sadie Frost.

Beautiful Sienna, 24, was left shattered when Jude, 33, told her of his and Sadie's plans to share a house together for a month while he films his new movie, Holiday, in California.

Sadie, 38, and their children will join Jude in Los Angeles in a few weeks time.

But Layer Cake beauty Sienna has been left devastated by the turn of events and vented her fury in a screaming match with film hunk Jude.

A close friend said: "Sienna went absolutely ballistic when Jude told her Sadie and the kids would be staying with him. She screamed and shouted, giving him the real hairdryer treatment.

"She told him: 'You've set up home all over again with your ex-wife. If that's what you are prepared to do, you should just go back to her'. Now Jude says it's definitely over for good and that he wants something different in his life."

I always knew that underpants-designer Sadie would eventually outfox poor Sienna. She seems like a wily plotter and schemer, while Sienna just kind of looks dazed and out of her league most of the time. Will this break-up last? Will Sienna send in a foxy undercover nanny to ensnare Jude? Will she finally give up on him and get with much craggier, and thus much hotter, Daniel Craig? Will someone explain the phrase "full hairdryer treatment" to me? Stay tuned!


Txbrenna said...

Initially, I re-read the hair dryer phrase trying to figure out the intent. I am glad I am not the only one who is confused by those silly brits! Maybe it means a "blow out"? that's my best gues...

jennifer said...

I think it has something to do with "hot air." Silly Brits with their punny phrases!

Anonymous said...

The "hair dryer treatment" must mean she was scream so hard that his hair was being blown around like a hair dryer would do.