Sunday, January 08, 2006

Felt Up To Begin Terrible Twos!

Happy Birthday to me! Felt Up turns two years old today. Wheeeeeeeee. Sigh.


Anonymous said...

why felt up has been around longer than most hollywood couples. keep up the great work and let the fur fly!!!! erica ;0

jennifer said...

The depressing thing is that Felt Up has been around longer than Perez Hilton and Go Fug Yourself COMBINED, and yet they are famous and drink champagne from Lisa Rinna's slipper, while I toil away for no discernible reason.

Anonymous said...

ahhh come on perez hilton aint no thang and the fug is really taking cheap shots at fashion and that isnt that hard now is it?? you are all over the place! like paris' diaphram! did you see vh1's most embarassing moments?? pure gold. ahh dennis just stands in the door way shaking his head. if i hear "how can you watch that crap?" one more time!!! i just say if its good enough for JBB its good enough for me!!!! xxx erica ps lisa rinna is a skanky man taned freak. think of all the abreava you would need to get rid of the cold sores off that slipper( that probably smells like a stable!!)