Wednesday, January 18, 2006

The Fall of a Leif is a Whisper to the Living

Poor ole Leif Garrett. The man whose "Behind The Music" episode I will forever cherish as a paragon of reality tv at its finest (and most bizarre), was arrested in Los Angeles for not having a train ticket in a railway station and also for, you know, drugs. The LA Times reports:

According to deputies, Garrett was detained after he was found to be without a ticket to ride the rail system. A check turned up suspected narcotics and the warrant for his arrest, officials said.

Garrett was booked and assigned to the jail Sunday.

Los Angeles police in 1999 arrested the bandanna-wearing musician in the MacArthur Park area after he allegedly tried to buy narcotics from undercover officers.

In 1979, Garrett was behind the wheel of a Porsche and allegedly under the influence of beer and drugs when he rear-ended a car, leaving his passenger disabled.

That was no ordinairy passenger, though! That was a "promising young disco dancer" who grew up to be the highlight of the "Leif Garrett: Behind The Music," in which he a) forgave Leif for ending his career and putting him in a wheelchair for the rest of his life, and b) freaked out the viewing audience with his ghoulish demeanor. Ahh, the glory days of "BTM"!

Anyway, I feel sort of sorry for Leif, even though he's proven himself to be a rather arrogant and hateful sort of pathetic drug addict, not the fun, kicky kind of has-been drug abuser like, say, Courtney Love (who is loathesome, but entertaining, in a horrible, soul-crushing way).

I never actually understood his appeal, even at the height of his Tiger Beat success. As a tiny child, I thought to myself, "He looks like a girl. And not a very cute girl, either, unlike, say, Shawn Cassidy." I did, however, enjoy his work as Kristy MacNichols' boyfriend/beard on "Family," which was my favorite show at the time. Whatever happened to Quinn Cummings, by the way? She was so great on "Family" and "The Goodbye Girl," and then she totally disappeared. As, did, actually, Kristy MacNichols, come to think of it. I loved the dad on that show, too; he was played by Matthew Broderick's dad, James Broderick, but he died pretty young, maybe even during the show, if I remember correctly. (Although I have been known to be wrong, very occassionally.) Matthew and SJP's little kid is named James after him. Sniff. Sniff....Oh, boy, it must be getting a little dusty in here! Can't think of any other reason to be tearing up around the eyes...

Where was I? Oh, right, right. Leif Garrett. Poor guy, having his remarkably awful mugshot splashed all over the LA Times and the Internets and whatnot. Here's a picture of him back in the glory days with a certain young lady who is pretty much unrecognizable now in her current incarnation. Who can guess her name? Whoever comments the right answer first will receive bragging rights and my eternal admiration!

Here's a hint: She's no longer young and fresh-faced!


Sarah said...

nicolette sheridan!! her fresh face has disappeared but her penchant for being photographed half-naked has not.

jennifer said...

As The Fonz would say, correctemundo!

Well-played, my lady. Well-played, indeed!