Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Chris Penn, RIP

Oh, God. Mom and brother of Felt Up both just called in the report that one of my all-time favorite actors, Chris Penn, has died, and they knew I'd be upset, which I am. According to Yahoo News:
Actor Chris Penn has died in a Santa Monica residence, with no signs of foul play, a local ABC television affiliate reported on Tuesday.

Penn, 43, was the brother of actor Sean Penn and starred in dozens of films.

He played baby-faced criminal Nice Guy Eddie Cabot in director Quentin Tarantino's "Reservoir Dogs" and starred along with his brother in the 1986 film "At Close Range." He also played Willard Hewitt in "Footloose" in 1984.

Yes, and he was also great in "The Wild Life" (in which he uttered the immortal line "It's casual!"), as well as in "True Romance," "Short Cuts," "Mulholland Falls," and was especially brilliant in Abel Ferrara's "The Funeral." He was such an underrated actor, a real talent, not to one of my favorite things in the world--a big lug.

I am heartbroken.


Anonymous said...

How sad. I have to say I found him completely adorable in "Footloose."

Terri R.

porkmuffin said...

this is really sad news. i've been in love with him for years.