Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Celeb Sex Math!

Page Six reports that:
Britney Spears stole away Shar Jackson's babies' daddy, Kevin Federline, so Jackson has struck back by sleeping with Spears' ex-husband, Jason Alexander. Jackson showed up at the 25th-birthday party for singer Ray J, Brandy's younger brother, in L.A. Saturday night with Spears' redneck ex-hubby in tow. A spy says, "They made out all night before going upstairs to the off-limits bedroom area of the house." The rumpled duo rejoined the party an hour later, we hear - much to the surprise of Brandy and her new beau, Nick Cannon.

OK, let's figure this out. If Shar had sex with K-Fed, and K-Fed had sex with Britney, and Britney had sex with Jason, then in sexual trigonometry, they've now all had sex with themselves, right? And Shar has done it with Britney and K-Fed has made sweet love to Jason? QED. I think. All I know for certain is that I feel slightly ill...

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