Thursday, January 05, 2006

Bitchy Vs. Evil

I'm sure that everyone--and not just those of us in Austin, Texas--was glued to their television sets last night, watching the world-class match-up between the evil-but-highly-skilled shoo-in and the underrated-but-talented underdog. Lord knows I love these kinds of down-to-the-wire, edge-of-your-seat exciting battles!

I am, of course, talking about the "Nicky Hilton Challenge" on "Project Runway," and the nail-biting showdown between awesomely funny/bitchy Robert Downey, Jr.-esque Nick and the frighteningly General Zod-like Santino.

The contest was to design a dress for personality-challenged socialite Nicky Hilton and to "sell" it to her at a party (besides the usual runway presentation). Santino wore high-heeled women's pumps to "stand out" at the party, and he gave his card to Nicky, telling her to call him and he'd "totally" make a dress for her, all of which seemed to impress the Hilton Who Is Not Paris. Nick, on the other hand, designed a very pretty frock that Ms. Hilton liked very much, plus he wowed the viewing audience with his hilarious "I'm like a little Mexican kid begging her to buy my Chiclets" spiel. (I assume he's Hispanic, or the joke is a tiny bit less amusing.) Nick also won points with his beyotchy "this ain't my first time at the rodeo" pronouncement. Yee-ha! Nick Vs. Zod, part II!

Santino has never gotten over the fact that Nick beat him in the "Barbie Challenge," and he was his usual overconfident, mean-spirited fabulous self, throwing down all sorts of disses at everyone else and treating himself like some sort of God the rest of us plebians are unfit to gaze upon. As far as he's concerned, we should all burn our eyes with pokers now that we have beheld the glory that is General Santino Zod!

Sad-sack old-lady Marla seemed like the obvious choice for L-O-S-E-R, given that she blatantly ripped off a Chloe dress Nicky Hilton was photographed wearing in their Challenge Dossier, but in the end it was Guadalupe, Our Lady of the Unfortunate Hair-Do, who was tossed out for her fashion-forward/hideous dress.

So, once again it was down to Nick and Santino, and personally, I thought Nick's dress looked more Hilton-esque (in a good way, ie, conforming to the challenge), but dumb ole Nicky picked Santino's ropey dress, which, while beautiful, was kind of unflattering on the model because of its bulkiness. Santino was, naturally, a terrible winner (just as he was a terrible loser), sneering that it was a much bigger coup to get a client like Nicky Hilton than to get your design on a Barbie. Is that really true? I think Barbie has better taste and more influence on the fashion scene...

Next week, poor Diana is saddled with Marla again in a team challenge. Does someone at Bravo hate young Asian designers with little-girl voices and a penchant for mathematics and bondage-inspired conceptual fashion? Stay tuned!

Sorry for the lack of photos, but the Bravo site kept freezing up every time I tried to steal a picture from it. How dare they? What about my needs? Harrumph!


Anonymous said...

I read somewhere that Nick is part something (Greek?) and part some kind of Hispanic (somewhere in South America, I think). Good enough for me! I heart him!

Terri R.

porkmuffin said...

Project Runway is my reason for living.