Monday, December 19, 2005

Another Reason To Carry On

Just got word (thanks for the tip Terri R.!) that the next season of "Dancing With The Stars" will feature George Hamilton! Huzzah! From WENN:
Tatum O'Neal, George Hamilton and Tia Carrere are among the celebrities who have signed up to compete in the second season of the hit US reality show Dancing With The Stars.

The stars will be paired with professional ballroom dancers on the series, in which one couple gets eliminated each week until the winning pair is found.

Actress Lisa Rinna, teen rapper Romeo and Nick Lachey's brother Drew Lachey will also be competing on the show, which begins airing in the US on January 5.

Oh, sweet baby Jesus, this is going to be so incredibly awesome! I predict that Lisa Rinna will have her bony ass kicked by cold-blooded tango fiend Tatum O'Neil, and that Drew Lachey will weep like a leetle girl at the superior paso doble of George Hamilton. Wheeee! I can't wait!

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impychimp said...

Of course Lisa Rinney's balance will be off due to her lips.