Monday, November 21, 2005

I'm Dancing As Fast As I Can

From the NY Daily News:
A hilarious video is doing the rounds that shows Cosmopolitan's legendary former editor, Helen Gurley Brown, in a dance audition for Ellen DeGeneres' show.

Apparently Brown, keen to plug her last book, had the short film made to convince Ellen to have her on the program to perform a "pas de deux" (that's a dance for two, for those of you who still haven't forgiven the French).

"She's wearing a leotard, and she's dancing to the best of Andrew Lloyd Webber," said a source who's seen the video. "She hired a Broadway choreographer to coordinate the number."

Brown, 83, high-kicks her way through the routine with a male dance companion. The video, which is about a year old, coincided with the publication of "Dear Pussycat," a collection of correspondence from her Cosmo days.

Inexplicably, the audition tape didn't land Brown a spot on the show.

Personally, I don't see what is so damn "hilarious" about a video of an elderly lady in a leotard dancing Broadway style. First of all, j'adore Helen Gurley Brown. The woman scraped off all her skin with Brillo pads to make her skin softer for her husband, people!

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Helen Gurley Brown! Huzzah!

Second of all, I, myself, have been known to occasionally don a Danskin and prance about Felt Up HQ doing jazz hands and ersatz tap dance routines to show tunes, although, rest assured, never Andrew Lloyd Webber. And sure, I may have videotaped my faux Fosse, my twee Twyla, my graceless Graham. And perhaps, I, too, thought it would gain me a spot on "Ellen," where I would talk about Felt Up: The Movie, which is in the works (in my mind). What of it?

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Anonymous said...

What does Ellen have against HGB? HGB rulez!

Also: How do we get a copy of this video?

Terri R.

Lucinda said...

Brillo pads, feh.
I use a belt sander to make my skin Hubs worthy.