Thursday, November 24, 2005


From the "Why Didn't I Win That Sweepstakes To Meet The Golden Girls?" file (sub-folder of the "Why Does God Hate Me?" file), as well as, comes this report:
We’ve told you before how cultured New Yorkers are, regularly packing readings and signings by today’s leading authors, artists and thinkers. But even we were surprised at the crowd that turned out to get Betty White, Bea Arthur and Rue McClanahan to sign the newly released DVD of season 3 of The Golden Girls, their iconic 1980s sitcom.

The lines in the Barnes & Noble bookstore in (where else?) Manhattan’s Chelsea neighborhood wound through the entire store and out the other end. Security was forced to lock the doors, so unlucky throngs of fans gathered on the sidewalks. Cheers, whistles and applause broke out as the ladies made their way through the crowd, arriving about 30 minutes late.

As things got underway, we all waited breathlessly when Betty White announced, “Now I’m going to do something really shocking”. Then, she put on her glasses.

At first we thought Bea Arthur was overcome with emotion at the outpouring of love, when she rummaged in her purse, pulled out a tissue, and put it to her face, but it seems she just had to blow her nose.

And you thought culture was dead.

I did! I totally thought culture--and Estelle Getty--were dead! Thank you for proving me wrong, Golden Girls! Where was Estelle, anyway? I think maybe she hasn't been well lately, which is a damn shame, because she rules.

Oh, so many memories...the lanais...St. Olaf...Stan...Big Daddy...the time Blanche's daughter got fat and her husband was abusive and Blanche stood up for her after years of strained relations...Shady Pines...the Elvis impersonators episode featuring a pre-famous Quentin Tarantino...cheese cake...oh, I could go on and on.

Need I remind you, loyal readers, that Christmas is just around the corner? Who wouldn't love to receive a handsome set of Season 3 "Golden Girls" DVDs, huh? Who?

Thank you for being a friend, indeed.

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The Girls are back in town!

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Beeeeeeeeeeeea! Oh. My. God. BEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!

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Look at that crowd outside the book store.



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jennifer said...

Spambots are named Jane now?

Anonymous said...

I hate to tell you this, but Estelle Getty is suffering from dementia and is not doing well at all. I saw a segment on "ET" about her and it totally made me cry.

Terri R.