Thursday, October 06, 2005

Word To Your Mutha

First Lindsay Lohan wrecks her Benz (again), then Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey get divorced, then they deny it (again), then TomKat create the miracle of life from Katie's unmolested seed and an undisclosed heterosexual male donor sperm, and now we get word that Kevin Federline is not takin' to daddyin'. Is nothing sacred?

From Jeanette Walls' The Scoop on MSNBC:
Is there trouble in paradise for Britney Spears and her hubby?

The couple has acknowledged rough patches in the early days of their marriage, and it looks like having a baby hasn’t helped things. The buzz is that Kevin Federline — who walked out on his pregnant girlfriend and child to be with Spears — isn’t taking too well to fatherhood this time around either.

Since Spears brought home little Sean Preston, his dad has been “a real brat” — hitting golf balls, partying and chatting on the phone into until well until the night, an insider tells Life & Style Weekly. Spears has reportedly complained that she’s “raising two kids now.”
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After one particularly nasty row, Federline moved into a friend’s house for three days, according to the mag. But Spears’ mom, Lynne, has reportedly come to the rescue and is helping the couple through its tough patch.

The only remotely surprising thing about this story is that Britney was actually suprsised with his behavior. Girl, what did you expect? He ran away from his first two children, to what he thought was a carefree, all-expense lifelong vacation at The Gravy Train Resort and Spa, wher dudes get to wear "Pimp" tracksuits 24/7 and no babies are allowed! Did you really think your spawn was going to change his mind about the whole parenting thing? Hello? Speaka da English? You married Cletus, The Slack-Jawed Yokel!

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It's time to face the reality of your situation, Brandine!

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Hire a nanny, recover from your emergency full-body liposuction procedure, and get on with your life!

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Aimee said...

I could not have said it better myself. Did you see the new Web site? Really funny piece about K-Fed giving advice to his son. Poor Brittany. So unlike her to be in the middle of a trashy situation.......................