Friday, October 21, 2005

To Thine Ownself Be True

Today's Page Six has a teensy lil' item that caught Felt Up's eye:
At Sunday night's Mary J. Blige concert at Rose Hall at Time Warner Center, Missy Elliott went via wheelchair sporting a cast on her leg featuring her own portrait.

Flanked by a small entourage, the hip-hop star arrived 30 minutes into the show "to avoid the celebrity crush on the red carpet," according to her handlers.

Elliott "broke her leg dancing," spies say.

God, I love Missy Elliot! But really, what's so shocking about having a portrait of yourself on your cast? Missy is a superstar and deserves her moment of cheeky self-adulation!

Why, your humble Felt Up blogette has a full-color portrait of herself tattooed across her back, complete with glass of champagne clutched in fist, a festive bottle of Valium tilted at a jaunty angle near the mouth, and a Star Magazine spread on the bed of satin sheets and fluffy furry pillows, surrounded by half-eaten bon-bons and Nutter Butter wrappers. I think Jocko at Mom's Perfection Fine Line Tattoos did a fine job.


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chepo said...

This is true people. I know this Felt Up woman. SHe told me that the guy who marries her has to get her portrait tattooed on his back.