Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Psst. You Wanna See Lohan Crash Pics? Too Bad. We Got 'Em Anyway.

Yes, due to absulutely no popular demand, Felt Up is proud to present Pictures of Lindsay Lohan's Car of Doom.

This one is from Defamer:

Image Hosted by

And this photo montage is courtesy of Just Jared:

Image Hosted by

Maybe Lindsay could take a page from the olden-timey "Saturday Night Live" sketch called "Elvis Presley's Coat on Tour!" (which parodied the public's intense fascination with the freshly-dead EP...remember when SNL did funny things? It all seems so very long ago. Now all we have are Horatio Saenz fat-guy-falls-into-a-piano-and-breaks-it jokes. But I digress...) by sending out her smashed up black Benz convertible on a goodwill tour of America's malls. All proceeds could benefit Hurricane Katrina victims and/or the Dodi Fayed Memorial Destroy All Paparazzi Foundation.

It's just a suggestion...

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