Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Hallelelujah! Hallelelujah! Hallelelujah!

Apparently dreams do come true! Reality Blurred is reporting that ancient former supermodel and light of my life Janice Dickinson is going to have her very own reality show to terrorize:
After being fired from "America’s Next Top Model" and nearly stabbing Omarosa on "The Surreal Life," acerbic skeleton Janice Dickinson is creating her own modeling-related reality series.

The untitled series focuses “on her efforts to establish her own modeling agency” and “will follow Dickinson as she works to start a modeling business. She’s in the middle of recruiting her first clients,” Variety reports.

The show will debut next year on Oxygen.

O Lord, hear my plea: Please don't let Janice die of a plastic surgery mishap, drug overdose, or avian flu before her show is done taping! If you let Janice live, I promise to be a better person, to donate to charity, to volunteer in a soup kitchen, and write faithfully about each and every episode of her show.

I don't want to live in a world without Janice!

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Upon further reflection, I'm not sure I can fulfill the first three of the above promises, but I am fairly certain I am likely to write about every episode of the Janice reality show. Or at least write about it on a regular basis. Or semi-regular basis. Or, you know, like, once. I'm pretty positve I can do that. Maybe.

But still, do try and keep her alive for our amusement, OK, God? Thanks, sweetie. You're the bestest God ever! Mwah!


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