Wednesday, October 05, 2005

CRASH! Aah Aahh!

OMG, ya'll. Lindsay Lohan got into another paparazzi-fuelled car accident today. Luckily, LL has recently added a few life-saving pounds to protect and pad her fomerly-sketal frame (she's also a redhead again, thank holy Christ) so she is a-ok. From CNN:
Lindsay Lohan and two other people were taken to a hospital Tuesday after the actress' black Mercedes-Benz convertible collided with a van in West Hollywood, authorities said.

Witnesses said Lohan was trying to avoid paparazzi photographers when the crash occurred.

Lohan and a female passenger in her car suffered minor injuries, said Los Angeles County sheriff's Sgt. Diane Hecht.

The driver of the van, which was knocked into a parked vehicle, suffered moderate injuries, Hecht said. The identities of Lohan's passenger and the male driver of the van were not immediately released.

The accident was witnessed by a number of people, including a reporter for the syndicated television show "The Insider."

"Insider" reporter Victoria Recano told The Associated Press she saw Lohan and a passenger run into an antique store immediately after the collision.

Javier Ramirez, who works at the store, said he recognized Lohan.

"She was very upset," Ramirez told the AP. "She kept saying, 'Oh my God, oh my God, I can't believe it."'

Ramirez said Lohan and her passenger left after a few minutes and although both were shaken up, neither appeared badly hurt...

The crash was the second one Lohan, 19, has been involved in recent months.

Police said the star of such films as "Mean Girls" and "Herbie: Fully Loaded" was attempting to evade a paparazzi photographer in June when the photographer crashed his car into her Mercedes. She suffered cuts and bruises in that crash but did not seek medical attention.

The photographer was arrested for investigation of assault with a deadly weapon. Police said it appeared he deliberately crashed into the actress' vehicle.

I love how there happened to be a reporter for "The Insider" on hand as a witness to the accident. As if she was just in the neighborhood by coincidence and had nothing to do with those scummy paparazzi. Heh. Don't be so coy, Vitoria Recano! You know you were trying to get "exclusive" film of Lindsay while she perused the "Team Jolie" hot pink tanktops at Kitson! You aren't fooling anyone!
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