Friday, October 28, 2005

Caption Contest!

Winners of last contest in previous post.

This time, we have a series of two--count 'em, two!--photos of P. Diddy gettin' jiggy with designer-to-the-stars Zac Posen. And to make it all extra cosy and sweet, they were sent in by Felt Up reader Tim! Huzzah!

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(via a socialite's life)

You can caption them however you like--together, separately, whatever--as long as you remember to bring the snark! Leave captions in comments box. Good luck!


Deron Bauman said...

Sean 'Poof Daddy' Combs

vicodingoddess said...

Attention all customers....
We are going to need a clean up in isle 11 due to some messy shiny suit sex.

Deron Bauman said...

oh no you diddyn't