Thursday, October 13, 2005

Blog Borrows Bitchy Blind Bit From Brits

From snarktastic UK gossip-mongers Popbitch comes this highly intriguing "blind item":
Which hugely cool US rap legend gets his road crew to pull out handsome young men from the audience at his show, and bring them backstage to hang out. If they fail to deliver, one of the road crew has to strip naked and crawl across the dressing room floor and administer oral attention to the sweaty star.

I am agog. Who could it be? Is there special significance to the phrase "hugely cool," ie, it is someone with a weight problem? Or the word "Cool" in their name? (Kool Moe Dee, LL Cool J, Kool Herc, etc.) I want answers! Please loyal Felt Up readers, if you have any guesses, no matter how ridiculous, for the love of sweet baby Jesus, put them in the comments box! I'll pick the best one a la the Caption Contest...

Oh, and while we're having you write this blog, did anyone catch Janice Dickinson's triumphant return to "America's Next Top Model" last night? I heard she was going to make a contestant cry, and I want details!

Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?


monkeybuns said...

Yeah, she made uhm...what's-her-face cry. The one who drinks too much, tells everyone what's wrong with them...her. JD is SO GROSS. I can't believe she calls herself the 'first supermodel' Uhm...Lisa Fonssagrives ANYONE???

Methinks tis LL Cool J.

Tim said...

A search of LL Cool J + gay turned this up.

Anonymous said...

Could it be Ice-T? I think he's married to a big ol' drag queen.

Terri R.