Thursday, September 22, 2005

Two Promising Young Men Lose Their Innocence

Well, things are looking up, although not as far as the weather is concerned. I'm trying to look on the bright side, people! I was able to get my greedy paws on enough Coke Zero to last until that beyotch Rita blows over, the "Lost" premiere like, totally blew my mind last night, man, and now comes word from Page Six that America's Sweetheart, Jay McCarroll, has his own show, "Project Jay," although first they had to get a few digs in at our beloved Jam Master Jay:
Surly "Project Runway" winner Jay McCarroll is said to be furious with his patron saint, Heidi Klum, because she nixed the dress he made for her to wear to the Emmys in favor of a wispy, floral, off-the-shoulder Christian Dior frock.

McCarroll, who is now filming 12 episodes of "Project Jay" — a follow-up show to "Project Runway" — whipped up an outfit for Klum, who had given birth just six days earlier to Henry, her and Seal's son, all of which was documented by a camera crew.

McCarroll was said to be shocked that his dress was not picked.

But a rep for Klum said that McCarroll's design was just one of the dresses she tried on. "The day of the Emmys, the gown just did not work. It probably was the most challenging task of 'Project Runway' ever — design a dress for a woman who has just given birth."

Oh, pooh. Jay is not "surly," he's a mad genius, that's all! And I saw that dress Klum was wearing, and it made her look less like a new mom and more like the Queen Mum. And not in a good way. She herself looked great, don't get me wrong. But the dress was way too floral and flowy, like something Betty White would wear to a garden party during a very special guest appearance on "Murder, She Wrote." I'm sure Jay's was better!

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In other non-news, British purveyors of email gossip Popbitch presented this tantalizing blind item:
Back in the 80s, just as his career was taking off, which Hollywood megastar was paid $1 million and a sports car by a Saudi Prince to have sex with him?

Hmmm. That's a tough one. Lots and lots of Hollywood megastars' careers took off in the '80s. But I'm going to go with the one who's name rhymes with Rom Snooze. I don't know why, exactly--isn't everyone a male prostitute when you get down to it?--but it just feels right...

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"Rom" in his early days. If I were a Saudi prince with a thing for young American boys, I'd certainly pay a million bucks for some hot Snooze action. Huzzah!


Anonymous said...

Palm Glues?

-Aaron W.

porkmuffin said...

can i just say that Jay is my boyfriend? back off, bitches!

sharon W. said...

When Jay was on the Kathy Griffin show (My Life on the D-List) she was shown watching Project Runway with her gays and fawning over Jay, then he came to her show in NY and was a total A-hole! He told her friends to F off and after he left she said he was a D***! I love Kathy and I love Jay - how can I choose?!

jennifer said...

You can't, Sharon W. It's like "Sophie's Choice."

I, too, love Kathy, and I, too, love Jay, and I, too, know that fame and perhaps a little too much white powder has gone to America's Sweetheart's head (just a guess!).

But he is still our Jay! She is still our Kathy (although judging from her appearance on the Emmy fashion show on E! her original face is disappearing rapidly.) And I say we can love them BOTH.