Monday, September 19, 2005

Nobody Puts Babyshambles In The Corner!

Your humble Felt Up blogette is not feeling well today, but she doesn't want to leave you with nothing, so here. Read this article in is entirety, from the U.K. Daily Mirror. I mean it, read every word! It's an absolutely stunning piece of hysterical British tabloid celebrity non-journalism.
By Euan Stretch And Suzanne Kerins

COCAINE-snorting Kate Moss tearfully submitted while her lover hacked out a piece of her trademark blonde hair... then went berserk at him afterwards.

This bizarre moment was just one scene from a world of weird antics between the supermodel and her junkie boyfriend Pete Doherty which we reveal for the first time today.

An insider has revealed how druggie millionairess Kate:

-SMASHES up guitars and computers with Doherty.

-ENJOYS marathon sex sessions in a summer house known as "the potting shed".

-LEADS Doherty astray and is a bad influence on him - not the reverse.

She has also ranted at her pal Sadie Frost - ex-wife of Jude Law - in a jealous rage, accusing her of making a pass at Pete.

Pictures of Kate chopping up lines of cocaine caused a worldwide sensation when published in our sister paper the Daily Mirror last week. Today we reveal more images showing Kate, 31, chopping up the drug, snorting it, then cackling with laughter as its effects hit home.

Meanwhile, the astounding depths of the couple's mad behaviour is laid bare by an insider with unrivalled access to the pair's drug binges. He witnessed the screaming match at a recording studio in West London earlier this year during which Doherty cut Kate's hair.

Drug-addled Doherty, 26, flew into a rage because he thought she was flirting with a guitar technician called Mick in the studio.

So he grabbed a pair of scissors and snipped off a chunk of her hair.

"She went berserk and was shouting abuse at him," said the insider. "She fled the studios in tears. It was strange thing for Pete to do - it was definitely a power thing. He snipped off her hair and she submitted to it, though she wasn't happy. It showed a little bit of his dark side."

The insider told how the couple often smashed up thousands of pounds worth of equipment - including a vintage £1,800 Gibson acoustic guitar - during their rows. "They are like two immature, teenagers, constantly bickering with each other," he said. "They just row over silly, petty little things. If he uses the wrong tone of voice, she'll snap back at him.

"It's really immature. It's like, 'I saw you flirting with so and so last night," and the other will reply, 'I might have been' and the first one will say, 'Really, were you?' and then it will all just kick off.

"They are always slapping and hitting each other. Pete started smashing computers and she started smashing guitars. They've both swapped now. She's smashed the computers and he's smashed the guitars. I think they simply do it to wind each other up."

And he said angel-faced Kate was a bad influence on heroin-ravaged Pete - not the other way round as most people presume.

"When he hooked up with Kate, it got to the stage he wasn't showing up for anything. He missed shows, but she won't wake him up in the morning."

The insider says that since he and Kate got together, Doherty had become "very self- important".

"He's arrogant, rude and disinterested. There's very little of the soulful Pete left. Before meeting her he was never interested in living life as a celebrity but unfortunately he's recently become a victim of his own publicity."

The insider also reveals how jealous Kate let rip at her close friend Sadie Frost, accusing her of making a play for Doherty - highly unlikely given that Sadie had already made it clear she couldn't stand "the junkie". The insider said: "It was like, 'Why were you flirting with my boyfriend last night?' and then all hell broke loose. It was petty and trivial but it was days before they made up."

Violent mood swings and irrational, sudden bouts of paranoia are common symptoms of heavy drug use.

Another violent spat between the couple came as they travelled first class from Paris to London on Eurostar in July. Doherty was supposed to perform with his band Babyshambles at an Oasis concert in Southampton the night before but missed the July gig because he failed to get out of bed. The singer-guitarist, who had been in Paris with Kate for a Christian Dior fashion party, accused her of flirting with Jefferson Hack - her ex-lover and father of her two-year-old daughter Lila Grace - the night before.

She responded by throwing a glass of champagne in his face. In the ensuing row Doherty's T-shirt was ripped and he was left with cuts on his hands. The insider added: "It just erupted out of nowhere. Kate stormed out of the carriage and then Pete disappeared with blood all over his face." Once back in London, the insider says Kate chased Doherty up the platform at Waterloo station calling him "w****er".

He then told how visitors turned up at Kate's Cotswolds mansion to find she was having what she called her "private time" with Doherty. She had given him the run of a rustic summer house at her Cotswold's home which he nicknamed the "Potting Shed". The couple were so engrossed that they arrived an hour late for a gig. "They are a tactile, touchy feely couple," said the insider. "They kiss all the time. When Kate wants some attention, she will sit on his lap and kiss him."

Kate's fashion career is now in the balance after the drug revelations. High Street chain H&M are to press on with a huge ad campaign featuring the supermodel after she apologised for her drug-taking.

But the other companies she has lucrative deals with - including Burberry, Dior and Chanel - may yet prove less forgiving.

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Wow. So it's really Kate who is leading Pete astray? Huh! This all kind of reminds me of a pale, pasty British version of "Being Bobby Brown," the reality show that revealed it is actually Whitney Houston who is dragging Bobby Brown down to Dante's 7th inner circle of ghetto hell, and not vice-versa.

Who knew?

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