Thursday, September 15, 2005

Models Do Drugs? Whaaaaaaa?

The good people at Gawker have been waiting anxiously for most of the day for someone in the UK to scan in the Daily Mirror's shocking--shocking I say!--photos of Kate Moss doing la cocaina in a club. Finally, they got their greedy mitts on the pictures and posted them for us all to peruse at our leisure. Here's a couple to whet your appetite:

Image Hosted by

Image Hosted by

I've had the Felt Up body language expert analyze these photos, and she says that La Moss's posture is saying, "Wheeeeeee! Drugs are fun! I love love love Babyshambles and Crackhead, I mean Petey Poo, and most of all I love cocaine! I'm thin."

To see the rest of the pictures in all their grainy glory, go here.

And here we've all been feeling so bad about ourselves for not being model-skinny that we've dieted and starved and exercised, when all we had to do all along was have great genes, a mild case of anorexia, and a mountain of coke. (When I say "we," I mean "you." I never exercise, since it usually involves the great outdoors and/or taking a shower. And if by "dieting," we agree that we mean "drinking Scotch and soda instead of frozen margaritas," then yes, I've been dieting. But either way the point is still valid!)

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