Wednesday, September 21, 2005


Hey, Brian Jonestown Massacre! The good news is, you got into Page Six! The bad news is, it was for having all your gear stolen:
BRIAN Jonestown Massacre, the rambunctious retro-rockers profiled in the documentary "Dig!," are traveling considerably lighter these days. Someone swiped the band's van and trailer full of vintage instruments right before their Bowery Ballroom show the other night.

BJM's ornery frontman, Anton Newcombe, and his long-suffering lackeys are missing a 1960s-era, 12-string Gibson guitar, a Rickenbacker 12-string, a Gretsch drum kit and a Fender bass, among other items.

"If everyone in the area keeps an eye out at pawn shops, music stores, private sellers, and even eBay for this missing gear, it could help eventually track some of it down," read a posting on the band's Web site.

Um, you think you're going to find a truckload of stolen musical equipment in New York City? You are nutty!

Image Hosted by
Anton, sans long-suffering lackeys.

In other non-news, Page Six also notes that Steven Spielberg is pissed at Tom Cruise for all the craaaaaazy he unleashed on us thetans during the "War of the Worlds" press junkets:
TOM Cruise shouldn't wait by the phone for his old "friend" Steven Spielberg, who directed him in "War of the Worlds," to call.

Reports from Budapest and Paris, where Spielberg is filming "Munich," say the director is still steamed at Cruise for ranting, during what were supposed to be promotional appearances for the Martian-invasion film, against the widespread use of Ritalin to treat unruly children diagnosed with Attention Deficit Disorder.

One source said: "Steven and his wife [Kate Capshaw] have five children themselves and know some children for whom Ritalin does a lot of good. They took exception to what Tom said about the drug."

Spielberg was also said to be annoyed that Cruise played up Scientology more than the movie during press interviews.

Yeah, if I was Spielberg I'd be mad, too. All that ranting-n-raving really ruined the profits he should have made for "War of the Worlds." I hear that thing tanked at the box-office!

But seriously, ladies and germs. Didn't everyone pick up the subtle subtext that Spielberg was barely tolerating the Cruise Missile during his long, protracted, couch-jumpin'-Matt-you're-glib-I'm-so-not-gay-I'm-engaged-to-a-pod-person
public meltdown? How could he not have thought the guy was a nutjob? How could he not hate all that crap? Besides, Spielberg knows the truth: TOM CRUISE IS MADE OF PEOPLE! PEEEEEEEEEEEEEOOOOPLE!

(Oh, I'm so glad to have the opportunity to pull that old gag out of the treasure chest one last time. Hello? Is this mic on?)

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And, finally, I'm so excited, and I just can't hide it! I'm about to lose control, and I think I like it!

My dear friend Joel, whom I've known since the olden-timey days back in high school in California, just sent out an e-mail saying he is going to be a performer on "So You Think You Can Dance?":
Well you all know I am a great dancer and so does Fox.

The show "So You Think You Can Dance" recently filmed at my work and I am a featured anglo dancer.

Check me out in my White Cholo from El Monte outfit. It will air Wed. September 21st around 8:00 to 8:30 ish.

You all should have a great laugh at my expense, enjoy!

Oh, we won't laugh at you Joel, we'll laugh with you. Having someone I know on this show is the best thing to happen to television since last night's back-to-back "Dancing With The Stars" dance-off/season premiere of "Nip/Tuck"!

Here's a pic of Joel so you know who to look for:

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