Thursday, September 08, 2005

Gossip From Across The Pond

The new edition of Popbitch, the snarktastic English gossip e-mail newsletter, is in my grubby virtual hands, and it contains a few tidbits that are nice and distracting in these terrible times.

First up, everyone's favorite--a blind item! Here's the not-very-hard-to-figure out question on a pasty nation's lips:
Which newsworthy Brit actor has had anumber of secret sexual encounters with other famous actors, including a pretty-boy American chick-flick favourite, who is married to a feisty blonde actress?

Hmmmm....well, the "newsworthy Brit actor" is probably the one whose name rhymes with Nude Paw, and the "American chick-flick" guy might be the one whose name rhymes with Cryin' Whillipe. Maybe. That's all I'm sayin'. (Some loyal Felt Up readers have complained that my little rhyming game just makes everything more confusing, but too bad! I enjoy it too much, so stop judging me. I don't care what you say. You're not my father!)

There's also a brief mention that a musical "inspired" by Siegfried and Roy is coming to London, only it uses ducks instead of tigers in its magical spectaculars. It may also be a joke. Hard to say, knowing my pale English forebears' sense of comedy. See for yourself here.

And finally, they predict that Jonathan "I Came Here To Do Beautiful Hair or No Hair At All" Antin's elder sister's faux-burlesque-act-cum-pop-group The Pussycat Dolls will have the number one song in jolly olde England this week. The song is called "Don't Cha" and all I can say is don't cha think we have enough disasters in the world, God? Huh?


Anonymous said...

Jen, could it be that nannygate was a facade to divert attention from the other sexcapades of Nude Paw?

Anonymous said...

could the newsworthy brit actor be Morlando Flume?

Terri R.

jennifer said...

Deron: YES.

Terri R.: YES.

Anonymous said...

who the hell are you people talking about?

Aaron W.