Thursday, September 15, 2005

Fun With Blind Items

The beyotchy gossip newsletter Popbitch is out, and in it, those cheeky Brits say cryptically that:
This American film actress likes to spend much of her time in UK - but doesn't know her husband is shagging half of London behind her back. A conquest claims that as he climaxed he once shouted, "I love you, my dick loves you, I wish I could rip my dick off and give it to you."

Nice! Very romantic, too. Not to mention charming. But whoever could it be? Possibly the singer whose name rhymes with Piss Hartin, the frontman for the band that rhymes with Soldplay whose wife is an American actress whose name rhymes with Swyneth Caltrow?

Anyone have any other ideas? This could be a contest, too, for best rhyming names! Come on! And don't forget the caption contest in the last post, people! These blogs don't write themselves, you know. That's what I've got you for!

Is this mic on? Hello?


Anonymous said...

not that she's a film actress by any stretch, but what about Ladonna and her huband Why Bitchie?

Terri R.

Anonymous said...

Do they have a daughter named "Snapple" by any chance?

jennifer said...

Terri R.: Yes, I thought of that, but could not bring myself to call Ladonna an actress of any sort. But "Why Bitchie" wins the rhyming contest!

Lucinda: Yes.

KATE GUEST said...

There's no way Chris would cheat on Gwinny - not yet anyway. it's definitely Reese Witherspoon - isn't she there filming? And we all know about Ryan Phillippe's rep.