Thursday, September 15, 2005

Caption Contest!

Winner is in previous post!

Here's your new challenge:

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Good luck!


Spare E said...

Land of the Lost's Cha-Ka protects the shiny new necklace.

Anonymous said...

America's Next Top Model host Tyra banks exhorts contestants about the importance of 'showing the beauty on the inside'.

porkmuffin said...

Bitch! I know you di-n't just call me RuPaul!

Tater said...

"Listen Jerry, i told that prick to stay away from my woman, now I'm gonna kick that boy's ass right into the middle of next week!"

Anonymous said...

Auditioning for the part of Zuni Warrior in the remake of "Trilogy of Terror," Tyra Banks forges on, despite having forgotten her African spear prop.