Monday, September 12, 2005

Caption Contest!

In my never-ending quest to steal ideas from other, better blogs, I'm going to start a new feature on Felt Up that I have quite cunningly called "Caption Contest."

Like The Wow Report's "Snap Cap" or Perez Hilton's "Caption Me," the goal is for you, dear, sweet, valued reader, to come up with the wittiest, most wonderfulest caption ever created in The History of Man for whatever wacky photograph your humble blogette can cough up.

Leave your caption in the comments box, and when I'm good and ready I'll pick the best one. The winner gets worldwide fame and glory for all eternity!

So here's the first one:

Image Hosted by

Caption away!


Anonymous said...

Drop-Kicked by Jesus through the Goal Posts of Life?

Anonymous said...

Creepy Assassin Dad?! Disappointing Career?! Et tu JennBB?

Aaron W.

jennifer said...

That is not a caption, Aaron W.!

However, are either of those statemtents untrue? Are you a Woody-phile or something?

And which coast did you move to, old chum? An entire community of Aaronites waits with baited breath, wondering your fate!

Anonymous said...

That's totally a caption!

And anyone who's seen Play It to the Bone knows that Woody's career cannot fairly be described as disappointing.

It looks like South Florida, homes.

An unapologetic Woodrow-phile,
Aaron W.

porkmuffin said...

Dude, I am so not high enough for this shit...

jennifer said...

I meant that his career was probably disappointing to HIM. And he can't help who is dad was. It's not a dis!

Woody and Matthew McC. should totally play brothers in a movie. They are both blonde Texan stoner thespians!

Did that already happen or am I as high as a naked bongo player?

Anonymous said...

Giant Vulcan neck pinch paralyzes former Cheers star Woody Harrelson - story at 11.

Anonymous said...

Poor Woody. Temporarily rendered speechless (probably would be blathering on about hemp clothing anyway) by giant mime performing "Stuck in Box" maneuver.

Anonymous said...

is that a tear running down his face? i just keep thinking of the little paper footballs we make and snap though each others hands at work went it is slow. speaking of which when are you and T comming back in for chicken livers and choco pie?? erica v

Anonymous said...

im sorry on closer inspection its the dot on the i in getty images. silly me...ev

Raaawb said...

Delighted to see he has a fully-erect Woody, the Albino Giant reaches out for relief.