Monday, September 12, 2005

Been Dazed And Confused For So Long

Like the Olsen Twins, I'm not exactly sure why Matthew McConaughey is as famous as he is, but I do have to admit that I find him to contain quite a large amount of delightful stoner charm. Kind of like a better looking Woody Harrelson without the creepy assassin dad or the disappearing career. Sure, he's a frat boy. But he's a fun one who drives a trailer around the country, plays naked stoned bongos, and helped bankroll the excellent documentary "Hands On A Hard Body." Don't get me wrong; he's not my cup of tea (not dark or brooding enough, obviously), but I don't despise him the way I do so many others, and there are certainly worse, more annoying people around Hollywood. The actor whose name rhymes with Mom Bruise comes to mind, for instance.

Anyway, this little piece from Page Six only reinforces my warm fuzzy feelings:
Folks are still talking about Matthew McConaughey's recent performance at a John Mellencamp show at the Hollywood Bowl.

The Texan, who was famously arrested in 1999 for smoking weed and playing bongos in the buff, jumped onstage looking "completely out of it" and sat in on "Little Pink Houses."

Our source reports: "He couldn't open his eyes, he didn't know any of the words . . . He just kept hitting his bongos randomly and muttering . . . When he finally left the stage, Mellencamp looked relieved and told the crowd, 'I'm glad he's a good actor at least.' " McConaughey's reps had no comment
Ooooh, how terrible! How dare anyone besmirch the grand lyrical content of a John Cougar song? What a crime against Art! Puh-leese. I'm sure it was the highlight of the evening for everyone involved. The McConaughey is good times, people!

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Don't let The Man get you down, MM! Remember what your ole pal Wooderson said in "Dazed & Confused":

"The older you get, the more rules they are going to try and get you to follow. You just gotta keep on livin', man. L-I-V-I-N."

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