Thursday, August 04, 2005

A Womb With A View

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I am a busy, busy bee today, so not much time for the non-news--not there is much of it today, anyway.

However, I did see one one item that was so disgusting and abhorrant, so perverse, that I felt certain God would smite me if I was remiss in my duty to report it here.

From WENN:
Oscar-winning actress Holly Hunter is expecting twins with actor boyfriend Gordon MacDonald.

They will be the 47-year-old's [my emphasis] first children, with MacDonald - her co-star in the London stage production of Irish play By The Bog Of Cats, which ran until February.

Loyal readers of Felt Up will know that I have what can at best be called an ambivalent attitude towards procreation--especially the finer details of the birthing process--but these ladies who take fertility drugs late in life really make me queasy.

Now, I've got nothing but the best wishes for Holly Hunter and her beau, and I'm simply tickled pink that she's going to give the world a second generation of annoyingly-accented thespians.

However, certain aspects of the Aging Mom are extra yucky. Friend of Felt Up Tanya B., who is a highly skilled medical professional, has told me that the fertility drug/in vitro process creates a whole slew of embryos which are then implanted in the lady's womb that a doctor then eliminates, leaving behind an acceptable number (say, two) for giving birth. It's called "selective pregnancy reduction," and it is:
A medical procedure used to reduce a multiple pregnancy, often a multiple pregnancy induced by in vitro fertilization or drug therapy. In such instances, healthy embryos are sacrificed in order to maximize the chances of survival of the remaining embryos or to allow the mother to choose the number of babies she wishes to deliver.
(via PubMed)

It's not the "selective elimination" that bothers me, of course; it's the whole idea of having a tummy full of embryos trying to gain a foothold in the womb as they race each other for survival of the fittest that grosses the crap out of me.

Naturally I'm not saying I know for an absolute fact that Holly Hunter had a fertility-drug-induced litter in her belly; I'm saying nothing of the sort. Who knows? Perhaps she is some sort of Woman of the Future who can have kids well into her 80s.


All I'm saying is she is 47 years-old and carrying twins! Ack!

Gag me with a spoon.


Greg said...

I didn't realize Holly Hunter was 47.
That whole process sounds kind of like
an embryonic version of the board game Mystery Date.

erica vaughn said...

Julia Roberts anyone...? and that Joan Lunden...sick..does all fo Hollywood want to play God? So by big pet peeve is tha twhen Holly is dead they twins will be 20. So selfish!!!