Wednesday, August 03, 2005

When Supermodels Attack!

Friend of Felt Up super-sleuth Michele S. sent in this dossier on the latest Naomi Campbell atrocity, via the Scotsman:
The supermodel Naomi Campbell is under investigation by police in Italy after allegedly flying into a rage with a fellow model over what she was wearing.

Ms Campbell, who has a reputation for a fiery temper, is accused of punching the model and actress Yvonne Scio after a row at their hotel, leaving her with a split lip.

Police in Rome, where the alleged assault took place at the luxury five-star Hotel Eden, close to the city's famous Via Veneto, confirmed an investigation had been opened.

Ms Scio, 36, who has made several films in both Italy and the United States, needed treatment for cuts to her face and lip at the San Giacomo Hospital.

Yesterday a police spokesman, Domenico Condello, said: "I can confirm that an allegation of assault against Naomi Campbell has been made by Yvonne Scio.

"She came to the police station and she had cuts to her lip and had been treated in hospital. She said that Naomi had insulted her and attacked her after an argument over some clothes she was wearing.

"We have taken a full statement from Ms Scio and we will be checking her claims with Naomi Campbell."

Ms Scio's lawyer, Annamaria Bernardini De Pace, also confirmed she had been asked to look into the possibility of a civil action against Ms Campbell.

Ms De Pace said: "We fully intend to take this matter to court.

"They have been friends for years - they had even been out shopping before this happened," Ms De Pace said.

"Yvonne is in bed in a lot of pain. Her face is in a terrible way. Her lip was split and she lost a lot of blood."

"She is an actress so she will not be able to work for a while so we will also be looking for loss of earnings."

When I first read that last sentence, I thought they were saying "loss of earrings," which would be even funnier than "loss of earnings." Ah, well. Still, though, God bless Naomi Campbell! She never fails to disappoint! In these dark days of Courtney Love in recovery and Mariah Carey in semi-control of her faculties, it's nice to see that some celebs still know how to cause a ruckus!

God, what I wouldn't give for a Janice Dickinson/Naomi Campbell smackdown! Perhaps in some kind of cage?

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A girl can dream can't she?

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Spare E said...

I love that she can beat up someone who's been a "friend for years" and with whom she'd just been out shopping, particularly over what what her friend (for years, mind you) was wearing. That's an impressive level of out-of-control.