Wednesday, August 31, 2005

The Scent of A Woman...IS TERRIFYING!

God, how I love it when stars get their crazy on.

And nobody gets it on with more zest than Mr. Al Pacino, who, according to Radar Intelligence, has a tendency to, shall we say, overact whether he's working or not:
Al Pacino may have played a smooth-talking ladies man in Scent of a Woman, but in reality the erratic lifelong bachelor is more apt to send his female admirers fleeing in tears, we hear.

According to a West Coast spy, Pacino displayed his less-than-suave side last Friday when a comely redhead in a green dress sashayed up to the table where he and five friends were dining at Hollywood haunt Il Sole and asked to speak to the 65-year-old actor—alone.

We’re told the toothsome twenty-something was merely looking to give the Godfather star her phone number out of earshot of his dinner companions, but Pacino evidently divined something sinister in her approach. “I don’t speak to anyone privately! What do you want?” he thundered back at the stunned seductress, causing her to run out of the restaurant, weeping. Not yet satisfied with his fan’s humiliation, Pacino then barked at the hostess to call the police, claiming that the young woman had approached him “to propose marriage,” our source says.

“Al was extremely paranoid,” says our witness. “You’d think he’d been approached by a terrorist rather than a pretty girl. She didn’t say anything about marriage, she simply said ‘Hello’ and asked if she could speak to him away from his friends.”

Well, I for one think ole Al did the right thing. You just never know when a so-called innocent date can lead to a long, protracted full-out war, a la his trials and tribulations with baby mama Beverly D'Angelo.

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Ladies, I beg you: Make sure you stay at least two feet away from the Al at all times! The scenery he chews just might be....your head!


Anonymous said...

I love your headline for this!

Pacino and De Niro have aged so terribly. And their acting skills have headed south as well. Pity. Not everyone can be Max von Sydow or Ricardo Montalban!

Terri R.

Anonymous said...

...or Terrence Stamp..sigh... ev

Anonymous said...

I guarantee you this is bullshit. I met him once, at a restaurant and he is so gracious, it's ridiculous, plus I've heard of many others who have said how wonderful he is in person, so this is crap. Stop lying.

Unknown said...

This is very interesting.