Friday, August 19, 2005

Love Means Never Having To Say You're Hungry

Apparently starvation isn't good for one's mood. Go figure! The NY Daily News reports that:
Nicole Richie wasn't acting the part of supportive fiancée at the opening of DJ AM's Hollywood club, LAX.

The skeletal socialite tore up the dance floor with an unidentified hunk and waited nearly an hour before saying hello to her man. AM, who was spinning in his deejay booth, "ignored her and pushed her away from him with an angry look on his face," our spy tells us.

Embarrassed and hurt, Richie, who came up with the name of the club, rushed back to her table and urged pals Mischa Barton and Lukas Haas to leave with her around 1:15. In total, she stayed a little over an hour.

Yes, lack of calories may be making the formerly happy couple just a wee bit cranky. (DJ AM has lost over 150 pounds after gastric bypass surgery; Nicole is wasting away withoug the aid of invasive surgery, bless her overstressed lil' heart!)

And while I know "LAX" is an L.A. airport reference, could it also be a semi-subtle allusion to every anorexic's friend, laxatives? Just wondering!

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