Sunday, August 14, 2005

A Felt Up Exclusive!


Yes, I just got my greedy, grubby hands on this photo of one of my all-time favorites, Mr. Jackie Earle Haley, sent in by Beto G. in San Antonio. Apparently the elusive Mr. Haley showed up at Beto's art happening and actually agreed to have his photo taken, so here it is:

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Jackie Earle!

In case you don't know, Jackie Earle was the original and best Kelly Leak in the original and best "Bad News Bears" (as well as the underrated "Bad News Bears Breaking Training" and the best-not-mentioned "Bad News Bears Go To Japan"), plus he was a delight in such movies as "Breaking Away" (as Moocher) and the badly-named but enjoyable Tom Cruise vehicle "Losin' It." I love, love, love Jackie Earle Haley!

He mostly works behind the camera these days, and he tends to shy away from the "Where are they now?" profiles, so bless Beto's tiny little heart for sending this rarity my way! (Although according to the IMDB, it seems that Jackie Earle's got a role in the new "All The King's Men" starring nanny-bangin' Jude Law and the humor-challenged Sean Penn! Hurrah! I can't wait--even though there was absolutley no good reason for re-making "All The King's Men," I might go just to see J.E.!)

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Kelly Leak is a bad mother!


J-Roc said...


I recently did a "where are they now" thing on my own blog and I didn't think to look for Jackie Earle...(though I searched in vain for Lance Kerwin and Chris Makepeace...)

Jenny said...

omigod! I've been wondering about him fo so long... Punch the time clock for me Jackie!!!

Jenny said...

I didn't mean to say 'fo so'