Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Black Metal Giggles-n-Guffaws

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Not much non-news today; I guess after yesterday's downpour, a dry spell is to be expected. Courtney Love predictably and sadly denied the whole "I'm Pregnant With Steve Coogan's Cocaine-Binge-Fueled Love Child" story today--damn her! Damn her straight to hell!

However, all is not lost. Friend of Felt Up Lucinda S. sent in this link to Ruthless Reviews' brilliant compilation of the TOP 10 MOST RIDICULOUS BLACK METAL PICS OF ALL TIME.

(Warning: Some of the pictures are a tad gag-inducing, and others just make you laugh and laugh, then gag a little, then laugh and laugh some more. But do not fear: these pictures are very, very silly.)

Here's a mild example:

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