Tuesday, August 16, 2005

The Ballad of Mossy And Crackhead Continues

More news of the Doomed Doherty/Moss Affair! The NY Daily News is reporting that Pete Doherty, in a shocking move, was arrested for drug posession:
Kate Moss' family and closest friends again have been urging the supermodel to break up with rocker boyfriend Pete Doherty since his drug bust Friday in Norway.

The Babyshambles singer was headed for a rock festival when customs officials in Oslo nabbed him and a pal at the airport, one for allegedly holding 1.5 grams of heroin, the other for 1.7 grams of crack cocaine. Oslo prosecutor Harold Holmsen wouldn't name Doherty, but confirmed "two British citizens" were busted, registered as criminals, and released hours later after Oyafestivalen organizers paid a fine. Doherty joined Babyshambles at Medieval Park five hours late for their show, which included a charming encore featuring him vomiting onstage.

The supermodel's mother, Linda, and Sadie Frost, Jude Law's ex, are among those trying to get "Mossy" to wake up and break up with the 26-year-old train wreck, whom Linda calls "Crackhead."

Perhaps most freaked out is Jefferson Hack, publisher of Another Magazine and father of the sloe-eyed beauty's 2-year-old, Lila Grace, who wants Doherty nowhere near his daughter.

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(photo via NY Daily News)

Is that all that happens in Oslo, Norway, when you get busted for crack and heroin? You register as a criminal and pay a fine? Huh. Note to self...

Can I just mention that I never noticed before that the father of Mossy's child is a magazine publisher named Hack? That's like being a butcher named Hammy McSteak or a gynocologist named Dr. Cooch Spelunker. But I digress.

Anyway, Friend of Felt Up Michele S. recently expressed her suprise that U.K. music fans seem to overlook Crackhead's druggy ways, and I tried to explain that as far as I can tell, my pale British forebears, who thought his old band The Libertines were the best English band since The Clash, apparently view him as a talented screw-up who harkens back to the Brian Jones/Jimi Hendrix/Sid Vicious type of out-of-control rock-n-roll wildness that has been sorely lacking in these days of carefully-controlled publicity machines and press junkets by squeaky-clean pop stars. Then again, they also went mad for the "Kids From Fame" throughout most of the 1980s, so they are just the teensiest bit insane when it comes to pop music idolotry.

Also, they like seeing a good, old-fashioned display of onstage barfing from time to time.

And, really, who doesn't?

While we're on the subject, according to Monsters and Critics, Crackhead didn't only hurl chunks during his performance, oh no:
A festival spokesperson says, "Babyshambles were late so they were rescheduled to play a 30 minute set at the end of the night. It wasn't the best performance. Pete got sick and vomited on the stage. He also threw vodka bottles into the audience and, at one point, told the crowd his singing was supposed to be out of tune."

Again, note to self: Next time you give a bad performance at a rock festival (hey, it could happen!), just remember to throw vodka bottles into the crowd, upchuck all over the place, and most importantly of all, tell the audience you're supposed to be out of tune! Works like a charm, every time...

FYI: When one enters "Pete Doherty vomit" into Google, 6,950 search results appear.

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