Tuesday, August 16, 2005

American Gothic

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Many thanks to The Presurfer for pointing out this site which combines two of my favorite things, DIY crafts and Goths! It's actually called Martha Stewart Gothic and it is totally and completely awesome.

The site gives all kinds of helpful and humorous advice for the crafty Goth in the mood for redecorating, including this list of motifs to choose from:
* Victorian
Perfect for AntiquityGoths.
* Medieval
Another fave of the Antiquity types, plus good for FetishGoth into dungeons.
* Techno-Modern
An obvious choice for CybertechGoth, also FetishGoth (it's so slick) and
MilitaryGoth (so precise).
* Cemetery
Well suited to the TrashyGraveyardGoths.
* Fairy
Seems a little Glittergoth and NewRomantic too.
* Asian
Another somewhat Cybertech and Fetish style, with HippyGoth leanings.
* Egyptian
Both Antiquity and Glitter with hints of Graveyard.
* Punk DIY
GothPunk of course!

Apparently "Goth" covers quite a number of sub-genres. Who knew?

What I like best about this site is that it doesn't take itself too seriously. Here's what they say about the "Cemetery" motif:

If crumbling stonework and tattered shrouds appeal to you, there are many things you can do to make your home resemble the inside of a crypt.


Crumbling, decrepit, tattered, torn.


There aren't too many colors in a cemetery, so the palette here is limited to black, shades of grey, and touches of white. Dried-blood red and faded dark purples seem appropriately evocative.


Softly worn velvets, shredded gauze, and tattered lace mix with rough crumbling stone. Nothing slick or smooth would be left in the boneyard.

Musical Background:

This is a pretty darn cliché Gothic setting, so any gothic music would be appropriate. If you wish to indulge the mood, try something terribly dirgey like Christian Death or ultra-mournful like Joy Division.

You Might See...:

Gargoyles, stone or iron candleholders, grave markers, rosaries draped hither and yon, coffin-shaped boxes, ratty gauze or lace curtains, jagged lace scarves on dressers and tables, religious figurines, a coffin.

On the Projects page there are tips-n-hints for anyone--goth or non-goth alike-- looking to put a faux finish on a table, do a little decoupaging, or drape a headboard. It's a Goth thing!

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