Thursday, July 14, 2005

Oils Well That Ends Well!

Oh, the oil puns just keep pumpin'!

Today's hysterically punny headline refers to oily-haired oil heir Brandon Davis and his on-again/off-again galpal, the frighteningly untalented "O.C." starlet Mischa Barton, who have finally confirmed that they are no longer a couple.

Mon dieu! First Brad and Jen, then Charlie and Denise, and now Brandon and Mischa! It's enough to make you give up hope in the enduring power of l'amour! And the couples breaking up seem to be falling down some sort of genetic shame spiral--each one is less attractive, less classy, and less fabulous than the last! Who's next? Star Jones and her possibly gay hubby Al Reynolds?

In honor of poor lil' Mischa's break-up, I bring you a link to the WOW Report's fascinating portrait of Brandon, courtesy of his rehab roomie. If even one thing the ex-roomate has to say is true, then Mischa's she's even dumber than she looks (which I actually didn't thing was humanly possible) for ever having gone out with this dude, no matter how rich he is.

Still, sometimes it's nice to reminisce about Young Lovahs, so I present Mischa-n-Brandon: The Way They Were.

There were good times...

Image Hosted by bad clothes.

And, naturally, not-so-good times...

Image Hosted by bad clothes.

And totally gross, please-pluck-my-eyeballs-out-now-that-they-have-seen this-please-I-beg-you times...

Image Hosted by no clothes.


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J. said...

I think it's safe to remove "possibly" from "gay hubby Al Reynolds" in the same way it's now accepted to removed the "alleged" in front of "beard, Katie Holmes".