Friday, July 01, 2005

A Not-So-Fresh Feeling

The NY Daily News' Lowdown column had this little item today that gives me hope to carry on in the face of adversity and these uncertain times:
It seems like only yesterday that male pop tart Aaron Carter was the object of a romantic rivalry between Lindsay Lohan and Hilary Duff.

But apparently that trauma was nothing compared with the indignity of a recent concert in Orlando, where Carter says he was pelted with a used feminine hygiene product.

"They threw it on stage at me!" the 17-year-old Carter, younger brother of Backstreet Boy Nick, told Lowdown at Miss Sixty's ELLEgirl magazine party the other night. "I was like, 'Ooooh! My God! I got hit with it! Oh my God!' I walked off the stage."

Carter added: "I've never told anyone before."

On the terrace of Splashlight Studios, Carter leaned close and continued his confessional.

"I have fans that are older women that are, like, fortysomething," he said. "They know everything about you, and they complain about how you look, like, 'Oh my God, we like your hair like this, and this.' I'm like, 'Shut up, I don't care!' There's this one older guy in particular. He's got this Aaron Carter doll. 'Remember me? You signed this for me three years ago.' And I'm just like, 'Yeah, I remember that, I gotta go, see ya later.'"

Carter's act of unburdening himself was apparently therapeutic: When he took his leave, instead of shaking hands at the end of the interview, he insisted on giving Lowdown a warm hug.

And then Lowdown promptly took a very long, scorching shower.

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Wow. I can't decide if Aaron Carter thinks the used "feminine hygiene product" was thrown in a fit of love, or hate. I am pretty sure it is the latter, Aaron. And to you, unsung heroine of Orlando, Florida, I tip my hat! Kudos, milady, kudos!

What a gaywad: "Ooooh! My God! I got hit with it! Oh my God!" Sure, I can see how a 17-year-old would be tramautized by such a thing, but he's lucky it wasn't a bullet from a gun or a live grenade tossed on the stage--get some perspective, dude! You could be forced to record "Live at Rikers Island Prison" some time in the future and believe me you would be thrilled to have a used tampon hit you in the head, compared to the other things that would get tossed your way.

This is not the end of the world! And, oooooh, poor Aaron has creepy fans who want to talk about his hair--what did you think show biz was all about? How spoiled and unappreciative you are of your fans! You are lucky you have anyone not on the payroll who wants to talk about your hair, Aaron. And let me tell you: Fame is not just about doing la cocaina with Lindsay in the bathroom and tripping the light fantastic with Hilary Duff and dancing on tabletops with Tara Reid's exposed boobies--it's used tampons landing smack in your face and old men caressing hand-made Aaron Carter dolls in their bathrooms! Hello? Didn't you ever talk to your older brother? I'm sure he could've told you stories about being a Back Street Boy that would make your blood curdle...

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"That tampon was THIS big!" And by the way, your hair looks terrible.


Greg said...

What the hell Aaron Carter doing with his hands in that photo? Perhaps he has a depth perception problem and is demonstrating how big he thought the thrown tampon was as it careened toward him from the cheap seats.

erica said...

It could have been a pad, those things have wings!!!

Anonymous said...

I dont no wat ur peoblem is ALL OF U! U r all freaks! How would u feel if a USED TAMPON was thrown at u! Its disgusting, and he must be doing sumthin right if u people are going to take ur time to write all this crap about him! So just shut ur mouths, and just get a life

Anonymous said...

I agree with anonymous i mean hes soooo cute why cant u see????????????? he's really cuter than his bro and jesse mccartney!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!