Friday, July 08, 2005

Madge/Mariah Catfight Solved!

Careful, loyal readers of Felt Up may remember the post a day or two ago, about the diva temper tantrum backstage at Live 8 involving Her Royal Hiney, Mariah of Carey and Old Battle Axe Herself, Her Royal Madgesty, Madonna Ciccone. Page Six ran a little item about their flaring tempers, and wondered in print about what "unknown slight" had caused this totally hott diva-on-diva hatefest.

I posited my own theories on the matter, but the real answer was waiting, naturally, on the internets. Cityrag pointed out the fact that the blog FourFour had just posted a tidy explanation for the feud:
This rivalry is actually a longstanding one -- it stretches back to '95, when Mariah was nothing if not a hit-making robot and Madonna was struggling to move units (regardless of enjoying the longest running No. 1 of her career earlier that year).

Supposedly, Madonna revealed during an interview that she'd kill herself if she were Mariah (paraphrasing here), a sour-grapes comment on Mariah's work-horsiness.

Mariah hit back with a gem of a soundbite, which you can watch here.

It's a pretty awesome clip; Mariah says at a press conference that she hasn't really paid attention to Madonna since the 7th or 8th grade, "when she used to be popular." Heh. I like that she also manages to get a snarktastic comment on Madonna's advanced age in there, too. Well, done, Mariah! It's nice to see that in the youthful, pre-"Glitter," pre-meltodwn, early stages of your career, you had already mastered "The Art of Beyotchery," the lesser-known sequel to Sun Tzu's "The Art of War" (which you obviously studied and learned as well). Kudos!

Queen Beyotch Madonna Is Lost to the Kabbalah! Long Live Queen Mariah!

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Her Royal Hiney poses with one of her subjects, June 28, 2005. Always such a classy dame, that Mariah! So caring, too! What a sweetheart, to give a half-blind, wheelchair-bound homeless man a lil' thrill.

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Anonymous said...

Richard M. will kill me for saying this, but I kind of love Mariah. Especially since she had that nervous breakdown a while back.

Terri R.