Thursday, July 28, 2005

Love Grows Where Eva Longoria Goes

Well, this is a first! A gossip item has been sent in by Friend of Felt Up Beto G. in the hopes of persuading his special lady, Terri. R., to become a fan of his hometown heroes, the San Antonio Spurs (Terri R. roots for the Dallas Mavericks, like all good, decent people). Although I do try not to sully my dainty hands by dabbling in sports or politics, far be it from me to stand in the way of True Love, so here goes! From Jeannette Walls' "Scoop" column on MSNBC:
Eva Longoria didn’t bag an Emmy nomination, but she got another nod of approval. The “Desperate Housewives” star was proposed to by her sweetie, hoops star Tony Parker, according to the upcoming issue of In Touch Weekly. The mag reports that she was presented with a four-plus-carat diamond ring, and is mulling the offer. . . .

I take it that this "Tony Parker" person plays for the Spurs? (Ha, ha, ha. I keed, I keed! Although I must admit that I had no idea who he was until he started wooing Ms. Longoria. I have it on very good authority that Tony and Eva like to chill at the TGIFriday's in San Antonio after games, which is kind of an odd place for two extremely wealthy and famous people to go, but I guess Tchotchkes and Flingers were too crowded.)

Anyway, Beto G. added that "maybe the fact that one of my team's players makes it to US Weekly regularly would be enough to entice [Terri R.] to MY team...Plus if she reads it here, it may be more exciting..."

Aww, shucks, Beto! Besides being extremely flattered, I am only too pleased to help young love blossom and grow in these trying times. Although I am not sure that a mention in this wee, humble blog is going to be enough to make Terri R. a Spurs fan, I wish you much good luck, you crazy kids--and that goes for Eva and Tony, too!

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Kim said...

Funny, I saw Manu Ginobili at the Cheesecake Factory in San Antonio. Terri R, don't you love mall food as well? Can't we find some common ground here?

Anonymous said...

I don't like "mall food"! Just Chick-Fil-A, the original mall food. Oh, and Sbarro is ok. And I do enjoy stopping by the Swensen's. And I miss Orange Julius terribly.

Terri R.

p.s. MFFL stands for Mavs Fan For Life!