Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Live 8 and Doomed Moss/Doherty Affair: Who Knew There Would Be A Connection?

Salon posted a little item today about the sales boost that many Live 8 performers received after their appearances:
Performers including Annie Lennox and Dido saw their album sales climb around 500 percent following their performances -- and Pink Floyd, which reunited for the concert, saw its album "Echoes" shoot up an alarming 1,343 percent compared to one week ago, according to British record retailer HMV.

OK, not too surprising, that. But funnily enough, not every performance was so career-enhancing:
Kate Moss' badboy boyfriend, Pete Doherty, who gave what many consider the worst performance of the London Live 8 lineup, had the distinction of watching sales for albums by his former group, the Libertines, drop after the show.

Hee hee. No word yet on how this affected Babyshambles' sales. Does Babyshambles even have a product to sell?

Apparently, he dueted with Sir Elton John on T-Rex's "Children of the Revolution," whilst wearing black eye make-up and a foppish military jacket:

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Did anyone actually see Pete's performance? If so, will someone pleae attest to its terribleness (or lack thereof)? I anxiously await a full report!


chepo said...

Please OD ALREADY!!!!

aaronwinslow said...

i saw it this morning. it was an unusually horrible rendition of 'children of the revolution'. it seemed like mr. doherty either couldn't hear his accompaniment or can't sing or dance. also he couldn't keep his hat on which was my favorite part/