Thursday, July 21, 2005

Karl Puts the "Nut" in Nutella

I received my beloved Popbitch gossip update from jolly olde England today, and it contained two particularly ridiculous tidbits.

The first one concerns everyone's favorite fattie-hating, Nicole Kidman-bashing fashionista, Karl Lagerfeld:
Karl Lagerfeld works hard to maintain his super-skinny dieted body. He was spotted at his office recently, sitting at his desk, pulling out a jar of Nutella and spoon from a drawer.

Karl then took a huge spoonful, swished it round his mouth for a while...then spat the chocolate spread back into the jar, which he then locked back into the drawer.

Wow. Imagine that! An eccentric German with extremist views, rigid self-discipline, and repugnant eating habits! What are the odds? Karl so krazy! The more I find out about his insanity, the more I think I love him...

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Then Popbitch asks the question on a nation's lips:
Which pretentious LA white-trash art-house actor/director, and wannabe musician, is handing out White Supremacist literature and bumper stickers, decoratively designed in red white and blue, which say, "WORK, IT'S A WHITE THING"?

This "blind item" is, I admit, rather hard to figure out. My first thought, of course, was Vincent Gallo--he's certainly a pretentious art-house actor/director and wannabe musician. Plus, you know, completely deranged.

But is Vincent Gallo, in fact, "white trash?" Isn't he more, shall we say, rifiuti Italiani? And isn't he a New Yorker (where he owns an expensive Richard Meier-designed apartment, the price of which I've never been able to understand how he affords on his "modeling," "music," and "movie" income), rather than an L.A. guy? Of course, the Brits are constantly getting their American geography mixed up, so...I don't know.

Then again, are there any art-house directors/actors who aren't white trash pretentious wannabe musicians?

Anyone got any ideas? Leave a comment with your guesses!

Whoever he is, remind me to give him a super-deluxe, limited edition Felt Up red-white-and-blue "RACISM, IT'S AN ASSHOLE THING" sticker.

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Deron Bauman said...

Yes, I've been wondering myself how one can afford a Meier designed apartment on a Brown Bunny salary.