Wednesday, July 20, 2005

It Wasn't the Wright Thing To Do

Just when you think there might actually be 12 hours without further news of Jude Law's Naughty Nannygate comes this scintillating report from the NY Daily News:
Jude Law is still begging fiancée Sienna Miller for forgiveness after admitting his affair with his kids' nanny. But it's not going well.

It didn't help that someone claimed yesterday that the 32-year-old "Alfie" star once invited 26-year-old child-minder Daisy Wright to join him in a three-way.

"[Jude] made the offer out of the blue while they were in America," a source told Britain's Sun.

The source claimed Wright, "a respectable young girl," told Law "'no' in no uncertain terms."

Meanwhile, "Jude's been leaving Sienna, like, a million missed calls on her mobile and she hasn't picked up once," a friend told Us Weekly.

GOD I wished I lived in the U.K. right now so I could read the daily screaming, hysterical tabloid headlines! I can see them now: "NANNY LAID DOWN THE LAW FOR 3-WAY KINKFEST," or "JUDE'S NANNY IN 3-WAY SHOCKER," or maybe "JUDE'S UNNATURAL LAWS!"


A three-way is one thing to the Brits...but a three-way with a Yank? How dreadful! No "respectable young girl" in the midst of a torrid affair with her engaged boss (not to mention the father of her young charges) would ever be caught dead doing anything so ghastly...

My God, poor Sienna must be incandescent with anger!

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